Ultra Tales Issue 10 (January 2014)

UT 10 Feature

Issue 10 of Ultra Tales covers primarily UK and other ultra event reports from Nov – Dec 2013.

We have an exclusive interview with North Face athlete Jez Bragg (front cover). This issue also contains event reports from the Stour Valley Path 100km, Beacons Ultra, Desert Ultra, Druid Ultra, Brecon 40, Frostbite 30, White Rose Ultra, Winter 100, Hereward Ultra, the “Piece of String” event and a race report from “King of the Hill” Jon Steele who was the only person to finish the inaugural Hill Ultra.

We have some Runners Profiles from Giles Davis, Matt Price, Nick Thompson, Russell Bestley and Richard Cranswick.

In addition we have a range of articles including an interview with Mark Hines, a tale about our Ultra WAGs (and HABs), Strength Training tips for Ultra Runners and we answer the question What is a Running Technique Coach?

With the start of the New Year we also asked a cross section of everyday ultra runners to tell us how their racing went in 2013 and what plans they have for 2014.

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