Ultra Tales Issue 11 (April 2014)

UT 11 Cover

Ultra Tales Issue 11 (April 2014) Download

This front cover features Matt Dunn completing the Ice Ultra event (photograph by Martin Paldan).

This issue includes UK event reports from Hardmoors 30, Spine Race, Spine Challenger, Winter Tanners, Country to Capital, Wilmot Wander, Darkstar River Marathon, Pilgrim Challenge, Thames Trot, South Devon Ultra, High Peaks Marathon, St Peters Way, Canalathon and Black Mountains Ultra.

In addition we had some reports from overseas races on the Rodgau 50k, Frostskade 500 and the Ice Ultra.

This issue contains runners profiles for Deborah Pitt, Edwina Sutton, Mark Griffiths, Rob Pinnington and Scott Harris.
Finally, we an update from the British Trail Running Podcast Team, interviews with Mimi Anderson and Ryan Sandes along with articles on Ultra Training from Centurion Coach James Elson, the Social Ultra Website along with a couple of Social Ultra reports and an extract from James Adam’s new book “Running and Stuff”.