Ultra Tales Issue 4 (January 2013)

UT 04 Cover

Ultra Tales Issue 4 (January 2013) Download

Issue 4 of Ultra Tales has now been released covering event reports from Sep ā€“ Dec 2012. Thank you to everyone who contributed towards this issue.

This issue included event reports from Hardmoors 60, London to Brighton, Longmynd Hike, Norfolk Ultra, Caesars Camp, Stort 30, Three Peaks, Glen Ogle 33, Oxfordshire Way Ultra, Druid Ridgeway Ultra, Gower Ultra, Beacons Ultra, Winter 100, Piece of String Fun Run and the Ultra Brecon 40.

In addition we had some reports of overseas races on the Trans Europe Footrace, Spartathlon, Barcelona 24hr and the Across the Years Ultra.

This issue contains runners profiles for Annette Helliwell, Tom Wright, James Elson, Michael Hoefsmit, Wendy Shaw, Ian Thomas and James Adams.

Finally, we asked a cross section of Ultra Runners to give us a quick summary of their 2012 and how it went along with details of their race plans for 2013.